PEO International Peace Scholarships


The PEO International Peace Scholarships program is a distinguished initiative that supports women from around the world in pursuing graduate-level education in the United States and Canada. Administered by the PEO Sisterhood, a philanthropic organization dedicated to empowering women through education, the program aims to advance peace and promote cross-cultural understanding by investing in the academic and leadership potential of women from diverse backgrounds.

Program Objectives

The PEO International Peace Scholarships program has several key objectives:

  1. Empowering Women: The program seeks to empower women by providing them with access to higher education and fostering their academic and leadership development.
  2. Promoting Peace: Through education and cross-cultural exchange, the program aims to promote peace and understanding among women from different countries and cultures.
  3. Supporting Graduate Education: The program supports women pursuing graduate-level studies, enabling them to achieve their academic and professional aspirations.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the PEO International Peace Scholarships, candidates must meet specific criteria:

  1. Gender: Applicants must be women.
  2. Nationality: Candidates should be citizens of countries other than the United States and Canada.
  3. Admission to Graduate Program: Applicants must have been accepted into a graduate program in the United States or Canada at an accredited institution.
  4. Academic Merit: The program gives preference to candidates with strong academic records and a commitment to their chosen fields of study.

Comprehensive Scholarship Package

Selected PEO International Peace Scholars receive a comprehensive scholarship package that includes:

  • Tuition and Fees: The program covers the full or partial cost of tuition and required fees for the graduate program.
  • Living Expenses: Scholars receive financial support to cover living expenses during their studies.
  • Health Insurance: The program provides health insurance coverage for the duration of the scholarship.

Global Network and Cultural Exchange

One of the significant strengths of the PEO International Peace Scholarships program is its focus on building a global network of women leaders. Scholars have the opportunity to interact with fellow awardees and PEO members, fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

Impact and Women’s Empowerment

The scholarship program has a profound impact on the lives of PEO International Peace Scholars. By enabling women to pursue higher education, the program opens doors to new opportunities and possibilities. Scholars return to their home countries equipped with valuable knowledge and leadership skills, becoming role models and change agents in their communities.


The PEO International Peace Scholarships program stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment for women around the world. By investing in the education and leadership development of women from diverse backgrounds, the program promotes peace, understanding, and cooperation among nations. Through the collective efforts of the PEO Sisterhood, the program continues to break down barriers and create opportunities for women to excel academically, professionally, and as agents of positive change.

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